Data Organization and Visualization for Beginners

Who: Angela Dressen, Catherine Walsh, Carrie Anderson, Marsely Kehoe

Title: Data Organization and Visualization for Beginners

Short Description: This session will begin with short presentations on two digital art history projects, “Mapping Sculpture” and “From Batavia to the Gold Coast: Mapping Textile Circulation in the Dutch Global Market”, and how data for these projects were collected and organized. We will then provide a basic introduction to spreadsheets and how to use spreadsheets to organize data. A variety of platforms and file formats, including .xlsx, .csv, and Google Sheets, will be reviewed. During the second portion of the session, we will demonstrate how to clean and enhance your data with Open Refine, and how to visualize data with platforms such Carto, Palladio, Tableau and others. Following these demonstrations, we will facilitate a hands-on session during which participants can explore some of these presented tools (bring your own computer). This session is intended for beginners.

Resources, Tools, Projects: Carto, Open Refine, Palladio, Tableau, Excel, etc.